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Professional cleaning Varna | Alek clean

Professional cleaning Varna

1. Machine cleaning of hard and floorings (marble, granite, terracotta, etc.) – machine treatment with brushes and or pads-disks with different abrasiveness. An appropriate preparation solution is applied which following a reaction with the flooring is collected with water sucking machine.

2. Diamond grinding of marble, granite, limestone, mosaic, etc.– machine treatment where with the aid of abrasive diamond disks; a layer of the flooring is taken away in order to remove soils that have penetrated the flooring.

3. Polishing of marble, granite, mosaic, etc– the surface of the already grinded stone is treated with disks, reducing the abrasiveness. The better polished surface has a significantly higher resistance to soils.

4. Sealing (impregnation) of marble, granite, limestone, mosaic, etc.– laying on the already treated surface an emulsion creating protective cover. The sealing (impregnation) protects from deeper soils and after polishing the sealing, the surface gains the so called “mirror effect”.

5. Cleaning of wooden surfaces (parquet, wood, wooden flooring, laminate)
– Removing soils from wood and polishing
– Scraping of parquet (wooden flooring)- fixing unevennesses, chemical intervention and physical defects on wooden floor surface. The quality of scarping affects the final outcome of the flooring.

6. Cleaning of soft floorings – single disk machines are used, the flooring is rubbed with water and preparation then the obtained solution is collected with water sucking machine. A second treatment is performed with water without preparation –extraction (simultaneous injecting and collecting water) in order to remove the remaining solution.

7. Cleaning of sofas, furniture, mattresses, chairs– the method of extraction is used.

8. Cleaning of windows, blinds, joinery– The service is performed with professional cleaning preparations, with the aid of which there are removed greasy fingerprints, insects, etc. A protective film is created on the window that ensures shine and slow getting dirty:
– double-sided washing of windows and joinery, up to 3 m;
– – double-sided washing of windows and joinery higher than 3 m
(alpine method, aerial work platform, scaffold, ladder).

9. Cleaning of bathrooms and sanitary premises:
– cleaning of all permanent soils in sanitary premises;
– removing limestone, sedimentations, stains of rust in sanitary premises;
– regaining the original shine;
– complete disinfection of premises;
– cleaning scale and limestone from sinks, toilet pans, etc;
– cleaning of shower cabins, bath tubs, pools of the accumulated limestone and polishing.

10. Cleaning of kitchen appliances:
– cleaning of surfaces and appliances;
– removing grease, oil and other soils.

11. Snow cleaning– We perform both machine and manual snow cleaning:
– cleaning of administrative and manufacturing buildings;
– cleaning of private homes, parking lots, stores, etc.


12. Cleaning of solar panels– an important issue for the effective productivity of solar panels and photovoltaics is the same to be cleaned on a regular basis. While they are exposed to adverse ambient factors such as dust, acid rain, etc. their effectiveness from absorbing sun energy reduces.

13. Cleaning of pools– Cleaning of pools is performed manually or with a machine. For cleaning of pools there are used special cleaning preparations, fit to cleaning scale, friendly to walls and leaving no marks.

14. Cleaning and maintenance of entries of apartment buildings– We offer contract and single time cleaning of the common parts in your building. For cleaning and maintenance of entries an individual offer is to be made according to the customer requirements.

15. Cleaning with Rainbow

16. Contract cleaning– we offer contract cleaning, by sparing you time and concern and we provide you tranquility and comfort.

We guarantee accuracy and discretion when cleaning homes and offices.

We use professional preparations and machines for cleaning homes and offices.

We take the maximum care for the cleanliness and shine, as we provide comfort and tranquility at your home and office.


Contact us

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tel: 052 717 359
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