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Contract cleaning | Alek clean

Contract cleaning

Advantages of contract cleaning:

We offer contract cleaning, by sparing you time and concern and we provide you tranquility and comfort.

– cleaning the property is entirely our concern;
– cleaning is made at a convenient time for you;
– initially we perform general cleaning of your home with no extra payment;
– windows, blinds and joinery are cleaned two times per year with no extra payment;
– the hygienists are trained, upright and responsible;
– our managers supervise the quality of the performance regularly;
– we provided and replenish all necessary consumables.

We guarantee accuracy and discretion when cleaning homes and offices.

We use professional preparations and machines for cleaning homes and offices.

We take the maximum care for the cleanliness and shine, as we provide comfort and tranquility at your home and office.


Contact us

mobile Vivacom: 0896 72 22 03
mobile Globul: 0898 51 75 84
tel: 052 717 359
mobile Vivacom: 0878 96 97 80
mobile Globul: 0896 26 43 35
tel: 052 717 359